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Engineering the New Jerusalem III - The Digital City Lwandiso Njara

March 3, 2021 - March 24, 2021

Growing-up in a traditional Xhosa household, Lwandiso Njara's Catholic schooling by nuns from India and Switzerland exposed him to different ideologies and technologies and his spiritual and cultural identity was thus informed by a combination of western Catholicism and ancestral rituals.  He visualizes this hybrid nature of his upbringing in works poignantly questioning whether the two realms can merge as one and to what extent the technological advances have replaced the soul of a culture in a changing global environment.

Njara’s new body of work Engineering the New Jerusalem III - The Digital City exhibited at the UJ Art Gallery from 3 to 24 March 2021 often blatantly merges polarities in one body through using lambs, goats, cows and white doves fused with mechanical gears and engines, all acting as signifiers for the artist's own hybrid sense of identity. Please click HERE to RSVP.

The Drones Of Jerusalem (scene 14)