Tristan Roland

Tristan Roland is a South African born multimedia artist, currently in his second year of studying Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. Born of an immigrant mother from Scotland, his influences are drawn from European and African roots. Having lived in Ireland, his practice is influenced by various cultures and the distinct geographical locations that hold significance within his life.

Focusing on digital and sound art, his audio works draw immensely on themes of curiosity and the process of creation, which are conversely juxtaposed with discourses of our own mortality and the nihilistic views of the artist. Roland uses blatant minimalism within his sound art, allowing the viewer interpretative freedom when engaging with the works. His choice of sounds allow the listener to engage with concepts of space and familiarity. To read more about his work, click HERE.

Idle Hands

Audio installation

40 seconds looped

Tristan Roland

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