Cure :: Jan Tshikhuthula

My Journey, which consists of a beautiful, albeit scarred, landscape aims to illustrate the underlying issue of humanity’s disconnect with the environment, highlighting the fact that the earth may very well be trying to save itself from us. Tshikhuthula immerses himself in the landscape, drawing from a personal expression which allows the viewer a window into his imagination. The landscape becomes a conduit for an imagined space that Tshikhuthula uses to ignite a conversation.

Let the UJ Choir’s rendition of Tune “Prospect” adapted by Stephen Paulus featured on the HOME album take you on a journey. 

About Jan Tshikhuthula

Jan Tshikhuthula was born in the small town of Tzaneen (South Africa) in 1983. His love for art began when, at the age of only 12 years, he started drawing and painting landscapes. He then took his art career further by enrolling himself at the Matongoni Art Academy in 2005. 

During this time, he was introduced to the variations of media and methods, enabling him to explore wood sculpture, paper-mâché, clay and stone. During this period he was mentored, and his talent cultivated, by the founder of the academy, Avhashoni Mainganye, a well-known artist in his own right. 

Tshikhuthula’s became part of Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg in 2009, where he learned different forms of printmaking that significantly cultivated him to become the artist he is today. This part of his journey opened many doors for him and saw him working with the art industry’s heavyweights, such as William Kentridge and Nandipha Mntambo, amongst many others.