Extract of ‘animacies’ video

Running time: 5 minutes of 08:12:00 (full running time)

animacies. Video work shown at Gallery25, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia, as part of the ghosted matter/phantom hurt (and other chimera) installation, 2-22 July, and as part of the disquieting domesticities/vestiges of violence (regenerations) installation. Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town, 30 September-10 December 2022.

The imagery in this video was taken from photographs of impressions of objects made from biofibre. The photographs were digitally animated in ways that simulate the ever-changing states that the biofibre occupies. When dried, the material is in a state of organic stasis; it shapeshifts and discolours over time, and becomes soft, moist, or brittle according to atmospheric changes. The impressions are therefore constantly in transitory, liminal spaces of becoming. When transposed into a medium which foregrounds movement and transientness, this sense of liminality is heightened, amplifying the transformative qualities of the material.