Extract of ‘dark matter’ video

Running time: 5 minutes of 07:36:00 (full running time)

dark matter. Video work shown the disquieting domesticities/vestiges of violence (regenerations) installation. Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town, 30 September-10 December 2021.

In this video, the impressions float across the screen, appearing, disappearing, and reappearing seemingly endlessly. Most are unrecognisable as impressions of objects, and set against the dark ground, convey a sense of a strange, ethereal, otherworldly, even dystopic landscape; a plethora of phantoms and spectres that are like “ghosts … weeds that whisper… of the many pasts and yet-to comes that surround us”.[1]

[1]Gan, E, Tsing, A, Swanson, H and Bubandt, N. 2017. ‘Introduction: Haunted Landscapes of the Anthropocene’, in Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet, eds. A Tsing, H Swanson, E Gan & N Bubandt. Minneapolis: G1–G14, here G6.