The Pandemic Project :: Heidi Fourie

Õhtul is an oil painting of a swing that Fourie built in her garden during lockdown. Fourie always wanted a swing and with lockdown, forcing everyone to stay at home, for time to move in a far different manner than what we are used to, she was able to build this place where the noise and chaos of the world was filtered out. From feeling like a child again, to recreating the sensation of standing in a dense forest or a playground abandoned after an evacuation, Õhtul is indicative of the importance of making time for forgotten things.

Fourie’s safe haven is symbolic of the reflective nature of a lockdown, a time to reconsider what is important in life, to appreciate the little things. “It became my personal safe haven where I can reconnect with myself between overwhelming news broadcast listening, work sessions and vigorous cleaning,” says Fourie.

The little bird grows silent as the wind blows. The small flower falls asleep caressed by the dew. Twilight blushes as she kisses the night. The forest trees sleep in memory and silence. They are wistful for my song, Now a silent memory, as it paddles far away. In this beautiful work by Estonian composer Uusberg, a poem by Ernst Enno speaks of evening and of the images we associate with dusk.