The Pandemic Project :: Tanisha Bhana

The natural phenomena of disease, in any form, acts as a means of balance. At any stage in the cycle of matter, some things thrive, and some waste away, some are composed together in living form, some invert, some decompose, all transform to become different things at different times,” says Bhana.

Bhana sees this pandemic, and indeed life itself, as a means to establish balance on an organic scale. The commonality of death brought on by disease is merely a reminder that there is life elsewhere, and that new or different life may occur due to the disease.

When the Earth Sighed echoes this concept by combining a range of materials. The artwork offers an amalgamation of organic and man-made found objects, transformed into something completely new and unrecognisable, thus, perpetuating the idea that something new can come from something discarded and useless.

Have a look at Tanisha Bhana’s ‘When the Earth Sighed’ and listen to the UJ Choir singing She Walks in Beauty – Paul Mealor (1974) Text: Lord Byron.