Blind Alphabet :: Sculpture and Sound

Over the past five years the MTN SA Foundation and the UJ Art Gallery have collaborated successfully in deliberating significant themes derived from our present social construct as reflected in artworks from both the MTN and UJ Art Collections. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to be aligned with the MTN SA Foundation’s strategic objective to create and / or identify digital platforms for the enhancement of educational-, mentorships- and skills development opportunities within the arts and culture sector.

The offering for 2020 brought a fresh approach to Willem Boshoff’s ‘The Blind Alphabet Project (Letter B)’ from the MTN Art Collection in line with a digital experience promoted as part of MTN and the UJ Art Gallery’s venture into the 4IR age. This not only resulted in the incorporation of musical- and sound experiences, created by Dr. Jaco Meyer, to accompany each of the forty sculptural pieces of the MTN Art Collection’s Blind Alphabet Letter B; it also saw to the establishment of the UJ Art Gallery’s celebrated website, Moving Cube, which offers virtual exhibitions and a depository of knowledge and archival material for online research, teaching and learning purposes.

This year the physical exhibition is a culmination of the Blind Alphabet/Moving Cube collaboration from 2020, and offers visitors the opportunity to experience sculpture and sound through an interactive digital application. At MTN we are driven by a clear vision to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world to our millions of customers, and providing digital skills development to our disenfranchised youth. The MTN SA Foundation is very proud of its partnership with the UJ Art Gallery and the opportunities it provides to deliver on this vision. The Memorandum of Agreement with the UJ has therefore been extended for another three years to continue delivering on this important commitment.