Reviews, writings and articles

  • Sassen, R. 2020.The Secret Life of Green Tea. The Arts at Large by Robyn Sassen and other writers. November 16. Click HERE
  • Friedman, H. 2021.Up close and uncomfortably personal. Mail & Guardian, Friday, 19 July. Click HERE
  • From Microbes to Video: Leora Farber’s innovative new video installation published in Creative Feel by clicking HERE.
  • intimate presences/affective absences (or the snake within). An installation by Leora Farber. VIAD FADA. Click HERE
  • disquieting domesticities, vestiges of violence (regenerations). IZIKO National Gallery. Click HERE
  • disquieting domesticities, vestiges of violence (or the ghost in the house). IZIKO National Gallery. Click HERE
  • Leora Farber: Up close and uncomfortably personal in Mail and Guardian. ClickHERE


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  • intimate presences/affective absences
  • intimate presences/affective absences
  • cultured colonies/colonised cultures
  • sub (slime)
  • cultivations